Shooting Targets Simply Isn’t Enough to Prepare You For a Real-Life Violent Attack.

Gain the skills necessary to keep yourself, your family, and others safe from evil people with these 99 Live Fire Drills

Dear Concealed Carry Holder,

It’s one thing to talk about being prepared for a violent attack but it’s another story when you find yourself thrust into a situation that demands you execute your firearm skills…

…or end up being the victim.

Are you 100% confident you can function flawlessly if you find yourself in a life or death situation?

If you’re not 100% convinced read on because I’ll tell you exactly how you can be.

You see, many concealed carry holders find out too late as they fall apart in a crisis.

And it’s not difficult to understand when you really think about it. We have to prepare ourselves for the worst day or our life  

But it’s where most people get it all wrong.They tend to think that They will rise to the occasion when something bad happens, but real life experiences tell us otherwise.

I’m talking about tragic stories such as this one…

Dec 29, 2019 a mad man walks into a church in Fort Worth TX with a shotgun. A concealed carry holder in the congregation sees him and knows he has to pull his weapon and shoot. As he slowly goes for his weapon, the man with the shotgun sees him and shoots him in the chest. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

As tragic as this was. The concealed carry holder didn’t exhibit any signs of knowing defensive shooting skills…and it cost him his life.

I hear stories all the time of concealed carry holders being violently attacked and they fumble around with their weapon, can’t get the safety off, drop the magazine out of the firearm, the gun malfunctions and they don’t know what to do…and instead of being the victor they become the victim.

How can you know that you will perform with precision while under extreme pressure…unless you’ve done it before?

The simple answer is you must practice the skills under extreme pressure and create the scenarios you’ll likely face in a controlled setting.

Many of these 99 Live Fire Drills are Designed to Help You Better Operate, and Use, Your Firearm While Under Extreme Pressure.

These drills were specifically designed to develop your basic shooting skills, marksmanship, weapons manipulation and cognitive abilities.

For instance, during a violent attack chances are you will not be standing like you do at the range.

You may be shooting from behind a shelf, desk, vehicle etc. That means you have to get good at the kneeling position.

There are many different scenarios you may find yourself in and the last thing you want is to “try it for the first time” on the worst day of your life.

That’s why these drills are so important.

What’s the chances you will have to deal with more than one attacker such as in a home invasion? The chances are good because these type attackers are rarely alone.

That’s why I included drills that will help you develop your ability to shoot accurately while engaging multiple targets.

These 99 Live Fire Drills will help you gain the skills to dominate a violent attack while practicing at the gun range and push you past your comfort zone as a shooter.


  • 28 Basic Shooting Drills

  • 23 Marksmanship Drills

  • 15 Weapon Manipulation Drills

  • 10 Under Pressure Drills

  • 18 Concealed Carry Drills

  • 5 FBI Pistol Qualification Drills

You Risk Nothing With My 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can try out The 99 Live Fire Drills online course risk-free because I’m backing your decision with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

Some things to ask yourself before you decide if this online course is for you:

  • During a violent attack the bad guy will always begin with a massive advantage over you. One of the ways you can overcome this disadvantage is with a lightning fast draw. How fast can you get into action?

  • Can you use your body's natural point of aim to make accurate hits?

  • As a safe and responsible concealed carry permit holder you are responsible for each and every bullet after it leaves the barrel. This means you must always be aware of what is in front of and beyond your target…even in the midst of an attack.

  • An attacker has taken a hostage. Are you able to be able to make accurate hits on the threat without injuring the hostage?

  • Violent attacks typically occur at very close distance without much notice. Can you engage a threat at an extremely close distance while safely firing your gun from retention?

  • Just imagine you're eating dinner with your spouse and all of a sudden you heard a gunshot behind you. What would you do? Will you be able to automatically present and engage a threat while in a seated position?

  • If you have small children chances are you may be forced to engage a deadly threat while holding your child. Do you possess the skills to present your firearm, make accurate hits, while moving away from the threat. All while holding a small child?

And This is Only a Fraction of What You’ll Discover in the 99 Live Fire Drills This Online Course Contains.

Here’s some of what you’ll walk away with:

  • We’ll cover the tools you will need to do this right.

  • How to measure your progress.

  • How to provide pressure when training.

  • Reading your target. And why it’s important to build your skills.

  • The one reason you’ll never be able to read your target and how to fix it

  • Where you’re hitting can tell you what’s going on and how to fix it.

  • How to score your shots.

  • Drills that will build your confidence and your skills to hit your target with unsighted fire.

  • A common mistake most shooters make when pressing the trigger and the drills to fix it.

  • Finger Placement Drill.

  • Slow Presentation from the Holster.

  • The only way you’ll get good at presenting from your holster.

  • Prone Pistol Shooting.

  • And much more.

 Basic Shooting Drills

Hone your core fundamentals of defensive pistol shooting. Presentation from the holster, proper sight alignment, sight picture, recoil control and emergency reload. All of these fundamental skills will be tested while under pressure.

  • The ETP Drill

  • The Ten to the One Drill

  • Up One Drill

  • Up Multiple Drill

  • 2 Yard Torture - High Compressed Ready

  • The Reset Drill

  • The Recoil Reset Drill

  • The Non-Standard Response Drill

  • Plus 20 more!

Marksmanship Drills

The vast majority of self defense shootings occur between 3 and 5 yards away. Yet most shooters spend the vast majority of their time training at further distances. These drills will push the shooter to perfectly execute the shooting fundamentals.

  • Look & Shoot on Steel

  • The Dot Torture Test

  • The 1 Hole Drill

  • The Circle Drill

  • The Walk Back Drill

  • 2 Yard Torture

  • The Speed & Accuracy Drill

  • How to Shoot with Speed & Precision

  • The Accelerator

  • Plus 12 more drills!


You Risk Nothing With My 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can try out The 99 Live Fire Drills online course risk-free because I’m backing your decision with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

These drills test your presentation, accuracy at speed, emergency reloads and if to forces you to think about something other than demonstrating the fundamentals of shooting. This means you will be shooting on autopilot.

  • The Three Second Standards

  • The Ricky Bobby

  • The Emergency Reload Drill

  • The Tap, Rack, Bang Drill

  • The Malfunctioning Clearing Drill

  • The Dueling Tree Drill 2.0

  • The Confidence Builder Drill

  • The NOW Drill

  • Reload Under Pressure Drill

  • Hateful 8

  • Plus 5 more drills!

Under Pressure Drills

Anyone can shoot at a target when they are anticipating the need to do so. However it is much more difficult to process complex information, identify the correct target and make accurate hits when you're not expecting the need to do so. The goal of these drills is to develop your cognitive ability to process information while engaging a threat.

  • The 3-and-3 Drill

  • The Hostage Drill

  • Under Pressure Drill

  • The Target Isolation Drill

  • The Super Test

  • The Casino Drill

  • Five Yard Round Up

Concealed Carry Drills

Learning to shoot from a position of concealment is critical for every concealed carry permit holder. Cover is something you can hide behind that will protect you from the threat. The goal is to expose enough of your body so that you can make accurate hits on the threat while making it extremely difficult for the threat to return the favor.

  • How to Train for Multiple Threats

  • 1 to 5 Shot Drill

  • The Turn & Shoot Drill

  • The X Drill

  • Behind Cover Drill

  • First Shot Accuracy Drill

  • Holding a Child Drill

  • The Restaurant Drill

  • Firing from Retention Drill

  • Don’t Shoot the Good Guy v1

  • 9 Shot Close Speed Drill

  • Plus 7 more drills!


FBI Pistol Qualification

The FBI pistol qualification course was updated in 2019 to more accurately represent the types of shooting scenarios agents are likely to face in the field. Currently the course is made up of 5 stages of fire, from a variety of starting positions and distances.

  • Introduction

  • Stage 1

  • Stage 2

  • Stage 3

  • Stage 4

  • Stage 5

  • Scoring

For each of these 99 drills I’ll show you exactly how to do them, what target to use and why these drills are important.

Act Today and Receive the Live Fire Training Log - Your Reference Guide for the Drills and So You Can Document Your Live Fire Training.

I handpicked these 99 Live Fire Drills based on working with thousands of concealed carry holders at the range for private lessons. This course contains exactly what you need to prepare for a real life violent attack and nothing more.

Whether you’re an advanced shooter or just getting started, this course will prepare you for worst case scenarios and give you the peace of mind you’re prepared.

What our Students are Saying!

Daniel Widdis II

5 star rating

“This course was quick, concise and clear. Very easy to understand. I highly recommend it.”

“This course was quick, concise and clear. Very easy to understand. I highly recommend it.”

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Laura Kent-White

5 star rating

“Great Course! Ryan is awesome and knowledgeable! ”

“Great Course! Ryan is awesome and knowledgeable! ”

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You Risk Nothing With My 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can try out The 99 Live Fire Drills online course risk-free because I’m backing your decision with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

You Risk Nothing With My 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can try out The 99 Live Fire Drills online course risk-free because I’m backing your decision with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

Go through the entire all the videos and discover the drills that will prepare you for anything…experience the peace of mind knowing you’re prepared. 

Practice the drills and watch your skills skyrocket.

Then, if (for any reason or no reason at all) you don’t feel satisfied with the program and everything you’ve learned (even if it’s on day 59) simply let me know and you’ll receive a prompt 100% refund.