Is This Course Right For You?

Building a firm foundation of firearm safety, knowledge, and shooting skills are the key to becoming a safe and responsible firearms owner. If you have a firearm or you're considering purchasing a firearm, shouldn’t you understand how to operate it safely?

  • Firearm Safety

    Firearm safety is the core fundamental of this training program. By memorizing and practicing these seven firearm safety rules 99% of accidents will be prevented.

  • Handling a Firearm

    Learn how to operate and shoot your firearm safely. Be confident going to the range knowing exactly what to do and what not to do.

  • Choosing a Firearm

    Understand how to choose the right firearm, caliber, and ammunition that fits your needs. Learn how to store and maintain your firearm so it will last for years to come.

What You Will Learn

  • 01


    • Welcome

    • Why This Training is So Important

    • How to Get the Most Out of this Training

    • How to Stay Safe While Training

    • Gathering Your Supplies

    • Coupons to Gun Range & Gun Shop

    • Before we begin...

  • 02

    Firearm Safety Rules

    • Introduction

    • Rule # 1 Always Keep Your Firearm Pointed in a Safe Direction

    • Rule # 2 Always Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger Until Ready to Shoot

    • Rule # 3 Always Keep Your Firearm Unloaded

    • Rule # 4 Always Keep Your Firearm Securely Stored

    • Rule # 5 Always Treat All Firearms as if They are Loaded

    • Rule # 6 Always Safety Check Your Firearm Before, During & After Use

    • Rule # 7 Always Know What is in Front of and Beyond Your Target

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • 03

    Understanding How a Pistol Works

    • Introduction

    • Pistol Components

    • Pistol Actions

    • How a Pistol Works

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • 04

    Understanding How a Revolver Works

    • Introduction

    • Revolver Components

    • Revolver Actions

    • How a Revolver Works

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • 05

    How to Safety Check your Firearm

    • Introduction

    • How to Safety Check a Semi-Auto Pistol

    • How to Safety Check a Revolver

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • 06

    How to Load & Unload your Firearm

    • Introduction

    • Semi-Auto Pistol

    • Revolver

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • 07

    Identifying & Fixing Firearm Malfunctions

    • Introduction

    • Basic malfunctions

    • Deadly Malfunctions

    • What Causes Firearm Malfunctions?

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • 08

    Shooting Fundamentals

    • Introduction

    • Two Two Handed Pistol Grip

    • Two Handed Revolver Grip

    • Sight Alignment & Sight Picture

    • Shooting with Both Eyes Open

    • The Proper Shooting Positions

    • Trigger Control & Finger Placement

    • Recoil Control

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • Let's Practice

  • 09

    Understanding Ammunition

    • Introduction

    • Components & Function

    • How to Choose the Correct Ammunition

    • Ammunition Types

    • Ammunition Quality

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • Research time

  • 10

    Going to the Range

    • Introduction

    • Indoor Gun Range

    • Outdoor Gun Range

    • Supplies You Will Need

    • Gun Range Etiquette

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • 11

    How to Read Your Targets

    • Introduction

    • Anticipating the Recoil

    • Looking Over Your Sights

    • Vertical String Up

    • Vertical String Downward

    • Grouping to the Left or Right of Your Target

  • 12

    Maintaining Your Firearms

    • Introduction

    • How to Clean a Revolver

    • How to Clean a Semi-Auto Pistol

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • 13

    Safely Storing Your Firearm

    • Introduction

    • In Your Home

    • In Your Vehicle

    • Concealed Carry Concerns

  • 14

    Scheduling Your Range Class

    • Schedule Your One Range Live Fire Range Class

    • Thank You

Beginners Guide and Range Training Bundle

"I was hesitant with how much I would actually learn with an online class. I am so happy I invested in myself. This course has made me feel so confident in protecting myself" -Sarah, Tampa FL

Student Reviews

Harold McCall

5 star rating

“The most fun and important class I've ever seen ”

“The most fun and important class I've ever seen ”

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thomas camacho

5 star rating

“I actually liked the online class!”

“I actually liked the online class!”

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