Dear concealed carry enthusiast,

“I bought this gun as my everyday concealed carry and now I wish I hadn’t bought it.”

I’ve heard that statement from hundreds of my concealed carry students.

They purchase a firearm that someone recommends or that they’ve shot at the range. Other times they go to the gun store and look at several guns before making a careful decision and STILL end up disappointed after just a few days.

How does this happen?

The short answer: Just because a firearm is a good fit for someone else doesn’t mean it will be for you.

But if we delve deeper it comes down to several factors ranging from your physical ability, your confidence with firearms, your personal preference and even where you plan to physically carry your firearm on your body.

And then to make matters worse, some factors you will overcome in time like grip strength.

But the size of your hand, that isn’t going to change.

And to make the challenge even more difficult, the sheer amount of pistols in the marketplace for concealed carry is HUGE and growing daily.

With all the choices AND all the voices in the world saying, ‘this is a great weapon choice,’ how can a person hope to get the right firearm for them the first time?

And it isn’t like buying a gun is a $3 purchase at the convenience store. You’re making a substantial investment.

Why waste hundreds of dollars on a gun you don’t like and won’t carry?

Here’s a question I ask new concealed carry holders…

If you don’t have a gun that you will carry every day, that you can shoot with confidence if you ever have to…why bother getting a permit in the first place?

It was after having hundreds, probably more like thousands of conversations with people that I decided it was time to put everything new gun buyers need to make an informed decision all in one place so you can buy the right firearm the first time.

Buy the Right Firearm the First Time!

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Introducing: How to Choose the Right Firearm for You

This online video course will give you a front row seat to my analysis of the 20 most popular concealed carry weapon choices.

And, just because they are the most popular doesn’t mean I endorse all twenty. There are a few that I wouldn’t purchase and I explain the why behind my opinion. But you may not agree with my reasoning so they may be a good choice for you.

Now remember earlier, I said there are hundreds of options on the market?

With this video course I narrow it down to twenty. So you don’t have to wade through hundreds of choices to find the right firearm for you.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this video course:

  • The guiding principles no matter what gun you choose.

  • Some of the “must haves” and where NOT to spend money.

  • Do you need a break in period for your new firearm?

  • 80% of violent attacks happen at night. How does this affect your choice of sights?

  • The pros and cons of pocket guns.

  • Much more.

Then for each firearm we’ll look at:

  • The pros and cons of each one.

  • What I like and dislike.

  • The safety features.

  • The “trigger feel”. (my assessment of the trigger and reset)

  • Recoil considerations

  • Caliber.

  • Capacity.

  • Concealment considerations.

  • How to disassemble and reassemble.

  • Accuracy.

  • Reliability.

  • Pricing.

  • Much more.


Here’s some specific details we’ll get into:

Pros and cons of Glock 43

  • Features and benefits I like and don’t like.

  • Upgrades that I always perform on a Glock

The Ruger LCP

  • Accuracy of the LCP

  • Ease of shooting

  • A caution on ammo

Smith & Wesson 380 Shield EZ

  • What the shield is designed for.

  • A cool safety feature of the S&W EZ

  • My thoughts on laser sights and flashlights.

  • The best $40 you’ll ever spend and why.

  • A negative of the 380 Shield

Glock 42

  • My thoughts on the recoil of the 42

  • Size compared to the 43

 Sig Sauer P365

  • Size Compared to the Glock 26

  • Ammo capacity

  • Pinky extension mags pros and cons

  • One fatal flaw of the original model

  • Should you buy a new design/model?

  • Something I believe you must have on CC weapon

S&W Bodyguard 380

  • Size difference

  • Concealment advantages

  • A myth most new firearms owners believe.

  • Something I told all my gun reps before they sold this to a new gun owner.

  • Size comparison to the S&W Shield EZ

  • Safety features

  • Positives

  • My primary drawback to this gun


  • Is it a concealed carry?

  • Size comparison

  • Grip and feel of the HK

  • Some awesome features and benefits

  • The mag release style

  • Cool feature if you have short fingers

  • Some factors to consider

  • Major issues

 Beretta NANO

  • Compared to glock 26

  • Reliability 

  • My major drawback to this gun

Sig Sauer P365 XL

  • Grip difference

  • Compared to the Standard

  • Options available

  • Sights

  • Modular what does it mean?


Glock 19

  • Reliability

  • Popularity

  • Capacity

  • Max capacity

  • Things I hate and like about it


  • Trigger assessment compared to a Glock 43

  • The action

  • Sights

  • Reliability

Springfield Hellcat 

  • Capacity advantage

  • Size

  • Reliability

Springfield XDS

  • Calibers

  • Capacity

  • Safety mechanism 

  • Adjustments you can make

Springfield XDS Mod 2

  • Caliber

  • Capacity

  • Compared to the Hellcat

  • Compared to the Original

Springfield XDE

  • Compared to the XDS Mod 2

  • Features and benefits

  • Operation

Sig Sauer P365 SAS

  • Compared to the original P365

  • Ported and what it means

  • Coolest feature

  • Sights - cool or a real advantage?

S&W Shield 1.0

  • Where to get one cheap - I’ll provide the link

  • Mag comparison

.22 LR Pistols

  • Walter P22

  • Ruger R22

  • Compared to the 380 EZ

  • Is it enough in a self defense situation?

  • Features and benefits

Guns that I Hate and Why

  • My opinion on guns that I don’t think are good for concealed carry based on my experience as a gun store owner.

  • Common mistakes the new gun buyers make.

  • Caliber considerations for you.


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How to Choose the Best Firearm For You

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The bottom line: You can agonize over what firearm to purchase and (based on my observations with hundreds of students) make the wrong choice simply because you don’t have this information.

Or, you can take advantage of my knowledge from being in the concealed carry world 7 days a week for over a decade AND owning a retail gun shop for 5 years and cash in on it by making the right choice the first time.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You’re covered by my 60 Day Money Back Guarantee - You can try out How to Choose the Right Firearm for You risk-free because I’m backing your decision with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

Go through the entire course…watch all the videos and make a gun purchase. See how easy it is to buy a gun once you understand the guiding principles and sit front row while I analyze each firearm.

Then, if (for any reason or no reason at all) you don’t feel satisfied with the program and everything you’ve learned (even if it’s on day 59) simply let me know and you’ll receive a prompt 100% refund.

As you can see, you have nothing to lose (except more money than you need to if you buy the wrong gun, If you don’t act now).