5,300 children are the victim of an accidental shooting every year. 1,200 of those children will die.

These children were left to “figure it out on their own…As parents, it’s up to us to educate our kids about guns.

Dear gun enthusiast,

Congratulations. You are here because you realize the need to educate your children about guns, and gun safety.

That’s the first step.

You may be thinking, where do I start or, are they old enough to start the conversation?

Those are two of the main reasons that parents struggle to cultivate a solid understanding of gun safety with their kids.

So, they put it off and maybe never have a plan in place until they think the child is old enough to start shooting.

And many times, nothing happens. But at the same time, the risk is high that something bad could happen.   

Guns are a part of American culture. Statistics tell us that 1 in 3 homes have a gun…

A school resource officer notices a group of boys huddled in the bathroom so they break up the boys and send them to their class. One child tells the resource officer that one of the boys had a gun in his backpack.

The resource officer springs into action and finds a loaded pistol in the boy’s backpack.

Of all the boys in the group, only one told an adult…

What would your child do?

Kids do bring guns to school.

School shootings do happen.

Does your Child Know What to Do If:

  • They find a gun at a friend’s home.

  • One of their friends presents a gun when they are staying overnight.

  • They find one on the playground or in a trash can, or drawer?

  • They hear gunshots at school.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to make sure our children know what to do in these type situations and that they have a solid understanding of gun safety.

The risk is simply too high to neglect the importance of gun safety with your kids.

If you’re ready to discover exactly how to educate your child and have normal conversations about guns and gun safety with them you need…

The Experts Guide to Kids and Guns

This course is born out of my experience owning a retail gun store and my two young children being there for hours every day.

You may think that sounds crazy, but we were in a situation where we truly had no choice but to have the kids in the store with us daily. We learned a lot and now I’m passing it along to you.

My goal has always been, and I’m sure it’s yours as well…

We want our kids to be safe even if adults are not around.

Here’s what’s included in this online video course.

Talking to Your Children About Gun Safety - What’s the right age?

How often should you review gun safety with your children?

Easy, simple ways to drive the point home with gun safety.

Fun games to play in everyday life that re-enforces gun safety.

What about really young children?

How people unknowingly teach inappropriate gun rules to their children.

The common places that even experienced gun owners put their guns that puts their children at risk of being shot.

Questions you should ask your kids’ friends parents to find out how they store their guns.

Safely storing firearms safely in your home and vehicle

Concealed carry mistakes that hurt kids.

Why you should talk to your children’s friends' parents about how firearms are being stored in the home.

Threats Have Consequences - Why you must talk to your children about school shootings, bringing guns to schools etc.

The proper way to clean a firearm.

Myths that cause accidents and deaths.

Concealed carry concerns

Concealed carry positions that put children in danger.

Perfect firearms to teach your children how to shoot.

Elementary School Aged Children

Toy guns - I’ll give you my opinion and why I think this way.

Children are naturally very curious when it comes to firearms Here’s how to remove the curiosity.

Tweens & Teens

Granting access to your guns?

Firearms I Recommend for teens

No matter how much you trust your teen they will do dumb stuff when peer pressure is involved.

Something I do to reinforce the dangers of guns.

Why you must understand gun safety yourself.

Additional resources.

  • Kids Firearm Safety Rules Activity Booklet

  • Activity Sheets

  • Printable Kids Gun Safety Pledge

  • Kids Safety Rules Poster

  • Gun Safety Cartoons

  • Free ChildSafe Safety Kit

This course will guide you through the age appropriate methods and tools I use every day with my own kids to educate and drive home gun safety and gun responsibility so they know what to do and NOT to do…no matter the situation.  

All you have to do is click the button below and you’ll have instant access to the entire course. You can download the resources and start the conversation today with your kids.

No child or teen deserves to be the victim of a gun accident. It’s our responsibility as parents to do everything in our power to make sure it never happens.

Every Kid Needs to Learn About Gun Safety

It's our responsibility to teach them!

You Risk Nothing With My 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can try out The Experts Guide to Kids and Guns online course risk-free because I’m backing your decision with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

Go through the entire course...watch all the videos and discover the exact steps you can take to keep the odds in your favor that your child won’t be the victim of a gun accident. Experience the peace of mind knowing you’ve got a road map to follow.  

Then, if (for any reason or no reason at all) you don’t feel satisfied with the program and everything you’ve learned (even if it’s on day 59) simply let me know and you’ll receive a prompt 100% refund.

As you can see, you have nothing to lose (except the worry of what your child might do if they are put in the right circumstances, if you don’t act now).

Best Value Deal

The Beginners Guide to Firearms Bundle

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Edward Evors

5 star rating

“Very good information..got a lot of accurate information.”

“Very good information..got a lot of accurate information.”

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Mary Hopper

5 star rating

“Great gun safety resources for kids!”

“Great gun safety resources for kids!”

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Aaron DeWinter

5 star rating

“Great training especially since it breaks things down for different age ranges and great insight from experience. ”

“Great training especially since it breaks things down for different age ranges and great insight from experience. ”

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